Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pesach prep blogging break

After torturing my poor husband last night, I continued the tough treatment by getting him to masking-tape plastic garbage bags over all the chametz pots on the wall racks. (What, you thought we had somewhere else to put the pots?) I get dizzy too easily to stand for long on a chair--I tell my husband he married a dizzy dame. :) And I can't afford to fall off and risk breaking another bone--been there, done that.

Then I persuaded him to do the rest of the sink-and-counter kashering: He got the dubious privilege of pouring boiling water all over all of the aforementioned.

After that, we went out to the nearest kosher-shopping area, with the intention of buying just a few remaining necessities, and spend a ridiculous amount of money. It never ceases to amaze me how much we spend for just the two of us for Pesach.

Meanwhile, back at the ranchhouse, my husband has responded to all that tough treatment by deserting me--to go Israeli folk dancing--leaving me to finish preparing for Bedikat Chametz when he gets home after midnight. Back to work, galley slave--you'll get your freedom at sundown tomorrow! (It's a good thing we've been invited to two Sedarim--if I had to make my own Seder or two, as I used to, I'd have a lot more work to look forward to than just taping shut the chametz cabinets and foiling the countertops.)


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